Forgotten Spirits – The beginning

It was a beautiful morning in the village of Remedios in the island of Laguria on the south-eastern part of the world of Novusgard. The village is on a festive mood as today is the installation of their newest hunters, the Raegar siblings.

Castiel Michaelo and Rhea Alexandra dreamed for this moment ever since that unfortunate day where an unknown creature attacked the village and killed their parents. They swore to become hunters and take down this creature to avenge the people who died during that day. And today, after years of training, they would finally be installed as hunters.

Hunters are trained for years in various arts to allow them to do their task and to survive in the wild. They are good with sharp weapons and are capable of carefully placing arrows into their targets.

The ceremony went on, they were made to swear the oath to protect the village and the island from harm. They were given equipment that would be using to do their task. A normal hunter’s gear include a short blade, a large sword and a set of bow and arrows. The siblings also took the sword and shield that their parents used back when they were still alive.

Today their adventure would start. How would it go? Will they be able to find that creature and avenge their parents? Or will they find something else?

What is your reality?

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I have a simple question, what is your reality?

Reality according to wikipedia is the conjectured state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined.

For most people, reality would be our daily lives in the world that we live in. Basically, reality is our life as a human here in earth. Here in the “real world”.

But for some, their reality lies elsewhere. For some it might be inside a game world, we’re still quite not there yet when it comes to virtual reality but some people are already living their reality inside game worlds. In the past, I was like that to some extent.

Somebody else’s reality could be in the dream world. If you’re a lucid dreamer and have control over your dreams, you achieve creating a world inside your dreams. Just like an architect in the movie Inception. I myself can do that sometimes.

I think some people try to find a different reality because of problems here in the “real world”. Problems that are so hard that it slowly breaks them and makes them want to have a different reality to stop themselves from being broken completely.

So what about you, what is your reality?

Forgotten Spirits – Prologue

It was a small island in the lower-right part of the world. It was full of lush forests, high mountains and some grasslands. There were a few villages around the island. The sea surrounding it has lots of wonders to offer. It was the place they call home. The village was a small one near the south coast of the island. The people live mostly by either fishing or hunting.

The Raegar family is composed of 4: Maximo, Anna, Rhea Alexandra and Castiel Michaelo . Maximo was a hunter and Anna used to be one, but wasn’t as active as before ever since their first child, Castiel was born. Life on the island was mostly peaceful and full of fun.

Castiel and Alexandra used to play a lot with the other kids. They swam in the sea, ran in the fields, listened to their parent’s stories and a few other things. Then suddenly, one night changed their lives. A powerful creature attacked the village. The creature killed the guards and some of the village folks in their homes. The Raegar home was one of the unfortunate. Maximo and Anna tried to fight the creature but it killed them both. Seemingly unsatisfied with just killing them, the creature smiled at the kids and then vanished together with Maximo and Anna’s bodies. Castiel Michaelo and Rhea Alexandra swore that they will become strong and hunt that vile creature down to avenge their parents.

And that was where the story began…

Wealth Gap and why I think we should move to make it thinner

I was browsing the internet when I stumble upon this article:

I haven’t got to read the stance of all of the people in the article but the main idea is this: some of the most wealthy Americans are pushing to close the wealth gap. Wealth gap, as it seems, is the gap between the wealth of the different classes of people under the system. So right now, the gap between the rich and the poor is getting larger. In simpler terms, the rich is getting richer while the poor is either getting poorer or they are not getting richer as fast as the rich people does.

People who will only think about money and the near future state of their lives would probably ask why would these rich people want to close that gap? I have been thinking about that for some time, and as much as I’m not rich, I’d like to share my idea.

How does this people get rich? By selling products.

Which class is the largest possible consumer base? The middle-class and below.

Since it seems that the gap’s increase is affected at large by low wages to these middle and low class employees, then if we don’t do anything about the gap that could result to the largest consumer base losing the power to buy these products. Now if these companies lose sales, they won’t make much money and if it goes on for a long time, it could eventually take down these companies.

So what’s probably a good idea to fight it? Increase wages of employees. That way they have more money to spend and be more willing to buy things, which possibly will directly or indirectly increase your own company’s sales. It could also make your employees happier which could increase their performance. And aside from that, it will keep the economy stable.

Parenting – What I think most parents forget

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If you read and/or watch the news daily on the television or on the internet, you probably would have seen quite a number of news involving young people doing bad things, like the past few school shootouts etc. It is alarming to hear these kinds of news. And it made me think, what’s the problem? Right now, I think it lies with “parenting” and “money”.

From my observations, a lot of parents nowadays seems to have forgot about one of their responsibilities as a parent. A lot of them are too hooked up on work, get home late then go straight to bed. They’re too busy earning money that they forget to spend time with their family, especially with their children. Maybe most thinks that since their children will be happy if they buy them new gadgets or any other thing, they can simply focus on work then buy those things for their children. Yes, children gets happy when you buy them new things but that’s it, you’re just making them happy, for a while if I may add. And by focusing too much on this area makes you forget that you need to teach them, to raise them.

Most creatures yearn for affection, especially from their parents. Children does not only seek affection and attention but also tends to mimic their parents, so what happens if their parent doesn’t spend time with them? Apart from feeling neglected, they then tend to look for other things that they can use as an example. On some cases they even develop bad feelings towards their parents. Now, one of the most probable example that they will be seeing and using would be other children. Now what if that other children has a caring parent? This child can develop a deeper sense of feeling neglected by his parents. And if the other children is in the same state as this child? Then they’d be looking at an example that is also looking for an example.

They will probably realize now that they can’t use one another as an example, so they will try to expand their search, look for other people or things. So now it could be, another person on the neighborhood or media. Superheroes, television stars, movie stars, games. Since their parent is busy with their own lives, these kids become acquainted with these without proper guidance. That will lead to them trying to identify and understand these things based on their own knowledge, which would mostly be quite limited. So what’s the result? A neglected child, trying to understand things around him with his limited knowledge. The longer the child stays like that, the more drastic the effects could be.

So parents, you should spend time with your family. Raise your child to be a better person. That should be your goal.

Being connected and privacy… You can’t have both fully at the same time…

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There have been lots of news about government agencies using social services that we normally use to track us down. Even simple apps on your mobile phones seem to have been in use for this. And most people became alarmed after knowing all of that.

Being shocked that the government is tracking us down is well, really shocking. But some people seems to be in shock that the government can actually do that. And that is something that shocked me; that people seems to enjoy and want (to the point they think they need) the notion of being interconnected with the whole world, but get shocked that other people can actually track what they do while being “connected”.

You’re connected to the whole world yet you expect that what you do while you’re connected to be “private”? Come on, you’re transmitting your data into the World Wide Web and you expect that no one can take a hold of that data? It’s like you want to appear in public while they don’t know that you’re even there.

This is the price of being connected. Our gadgets are even full of loopholes that can be exploited to begin with (There was a youtube video about that). Of course you can probably employ lots of layers of protection to avoid normal individuals from prying, but that won’t stop experts. The only real solution if you want a totally private life, is to never connect (anything that “connects automatically” like mobile phones must not be used) while you are doing anything private. Even probably stop connecting some time before that, and don’t connect right after doing that.

The Thunderbirds

People have been continuing their lives playing with the chickens, little do they know about the ominous shadow that lurks near. From the unknown place that all of these chickens come from, the powerful elder chickens have been getting ready to attack. Coming from the era of the Samurais, these chickens are vicious, tempered, strong, and will stop at nothing to avenge their fallen allies. They are the Thunderbirds.

Catch the Thunderbirds in action on Chicken Games version 2.0.

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